Music Travel Scholarships

The Rising Stars Foundation recognizes excellence in Humboldt County students in many areas, including music. In addition to sponsoring the All County Music Festival with the North Coast CMEA, the Foundation also supports local students who earn the opportunity to perform at regional and state festivals. Students eligible to participate in the following professional Music Educators Associations’ sponsored events will be considered for scholarships by the Foundation during the 2016-17 year:

  • ACDA Coastal Region Honor Choir: November 17-19 in Palo Alto
  • Nor Cal Honor Band and Choir: February 2-4 at Sonoma State University
  • CASMEC/ACDA Honor Ensembles: February 16-19 in San Jose (Sr. High Band, Choir, Orchestra, and Jazz Band; Jr. High Band, Choir, and Orchestra)

The application is available for download here. The Foundation will consider scholarships for such student expenses as meals, transportation, hotel, and registration fees. Completed applications must be received no later than 15 days prior to the event. Applications cannot be accepted after the event occurs.

Consideration will also be made for festivals not associated with CMEA that promote excellence.

For more information, please contact Rising Stars Director Colleen Toste at 707-445-7164 or Thank you for your interest in excellence in music in our students!