Welcome to the Rising Stars!

Established in 2005, the Rising Stars Foundation has evolved into a wide variety of programs that promote and recognize excellence in local students, from kindergarten through high school.  Under the guidance of the Humboldt County Office of Education, the programs are available to all students at all schools in the County, and each program culminates into an annual event. Earning the opportunity to participate in these events provides our young people exciting venues to showcase the talents and skills learned in the classroom.

You Can Help!

Like most programs tied to education in California in this economy, Rising Stars is increasingly challenged with sustaining its activities in the face of budget cuts and disappearing grants. A contribution to Rising Stars is an investment in education in Humboldt County.  By donating, you provide direct support to our children by improving learning, building confidence, and even inspiring career paths. Click here to make your impact today.

Get to Know Our Rising Stars

Click on our links above to get acquainted with our extraordinary students! Check out our Events link to explore them in detail. Use the Calendar to attend our events and be amazed by kids excelling at salsa making, establishing their own business or displaying furniture they’ve made themselves, among many others. Visit the Our Stars page to see the pride in the students’ faces as they achieve their goals.